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Dr.Abilasha is not only a good psychologist but she is also a good human. She has a super power to calm down the aggressive, pacify the sad, console the victim and heal the mind. I have personally experienced it. She does not show off with technical terms but very humbly will explain the problem in such a way a layman could understand. Another thing I want to appreciate is her clinical setup. She assigns her appointments in such a way that you don’t have to wait in a queue. It will be only you at that particular time. So no waiting, no fear of being exposed to others that we have mental issues. I find Dr.Abilasha to be different in treating her patients like VIPs which is very rare nowadays.

Thiruvanmyur, Chennai.

I was suffering from depression for a long time, it affected my total life, one day I came to know about Dr.Abilasha through a friend and visited her. Her approach was very kind and gentle. She gave me Psychological counseling and Psychotherapy. I realized a big improvement on the very first sitting. After few sessions, today I am very happy and successful in both my career and family life.

T.Nagar. Chennai.

Hi. I am Preethi from Anna nagar, Chennai. Dr.Abilasha has changed my entire life in the right way. I was under mental pressure and agony during my post divorce period. My husband left me and married another girl….I felt my life was devastated and isolated myself from the society and even tried to end my life. My brother took me to Dr.Abilasha…..she was very beautiful not only outside but also inside. She made me feel light and comfortable. She broke the taboos attached to a divorced lady. She gave me a new life full of confidence, energy and positivity. I am happy and in a good position in corporate sector. I no more feel rejected, inferior or unlucky. Doctor, I am ready to support any of your future projects. Please give me an opportunity, I want others also to be happy like me. If I can be a source of referring you to someone, I think I will be blessed.

Anna Nagar. Chennai.

Hello, I am Dass from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I saw Dr.Abilasha in Malaysia, when she had come to conduct “ Parenting Skills Workshop” in Kuala Lumpur. I was blessed to attend her workshop for my son. It was a very useful and informative workshop. After the session, I met Dr.Abilasha and spoke about my alcoholic addiction. With her advice I met her for treatment sessions and the process was so motivating and comfortable that I was determined to quit drinking. She reassured me that “I can”, and yes today I am proud to say I am no more an alcoholic and thus I have improved in my career and all the people around me appreciate me. Thank you Doctor for making me to live my life usefully.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I will strongly recommend Dr.Abilasha to anyone who wants a healthy mind and body. We, myself and my husband had constant fights, it became serious issue many times and were in a verge of getting legally separated. That’s when my teenage daughter saw Dr.Abilasha’s programme on TV and noted down the number and took us there. No one will believe that after her Marital Therapy sessions , we found out the flaws in our relationship, the mistakes and misunderstanding we had. Now we seldom fight but knew to take healthy decisions and the total family is feeling the harmony and peace at home. Thanks to Dr.Abilasha.

Mrs. Mridula

I met Dr.Abilasha few years back when I was a college student, I had been having failures in all my life and at one stage didn’t like to live and so tried to commit suicide. I tried few doctors for my problems. My best friend who had already been to Dr.Abilasha for his problem of social anxiety, took me to Dr.Abilasha. I must say that Dr. was so different from other doctors. She was patient in listening to all my issues in life from first till date. She was not at all judgmental. Her divine face and voice made me to self realize. She even opened my eyes to think about so many good things in my life. Today I am a successful businessman. Recently I met her again for a premarital counseling with my fiancé. I consider her the right person whenever I face any psychological problems. Hats off to you Dr.Abilasha.



We had a peculiar problem with our daughter who was 15 yrs of age. She never liked us and always was rebellious and humiliated us in front of others. Sometimes, she used to cut herself and show us so that we are worried. I saw Dr.Abilasha’s article on a magazine and contacted her. We had a chance of joining her workshop for parenting skills. It was a mindopener for us because we found that fron the first we have been doing wrong parenting to our daughter, even without knowing its consequences. Then we took our daughter to Dr.Abilasha and after a detailed Psychological counseling, our daughter realized her mistakes and so did we. From then till today we are proud and happy about our girl, who is at present in America, happily married and settled. All credits to Dr.Abilasha for she deals all her patients very personally and that’s how she can be No 1 Psychologist in Chennai.

Mrs. and Mr. Swaminathan Trichy.

Hi, I am a diabetologist Doctor living in Canada. I had a relationship issue with my mother. She was always hurting my feelings. Ours is a step family where my biological mother is married to another person and have children so is my father. At present I am with my mother and stepfather and step sister and step brother. My life was horrible and pathetic till I met Dr. Abilasha when I visited Chennai. She was very dependable and put me at ease to explain my problems. I don’t think anybody especially a professional will spare a lot so much time for a patient, but she did. I felt safe in her hands. She gave me Telephonic counseling when I came back to Canada. Today I am leading a very happy and content life and all my painful past has been erased by her hypnotherapy.

Dr.Dhakshayini, Toronto, Canada.



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